Shikoku is the smallest and least populated of the four main islands of Japan. Here the pace of life is slower: using the Japan Rail Pass to explore the smaller towns and hilly landscapes of Shikoku you can get closer to the real Japan.
Shikoku is famous for its 88-temple pilgrimage of temples associated with the priest Kūkai. Most modern-day pilgrims travel by bus, rarely choosing the old-fashioned method of going on foot. They are seen wearing white jackets emblazoned with the characters reading dōgyō ninin meaning “two travelling together”.

Our itinerary suggestion:
Flying in and out of Osaka, visit Takamatsu, the Iya Valley, Uwajima and Matsuyama using a 7-day Japan Rail Pass.


Any time, subject to flight availability.

Tour ref: EX2

Day 1 : Depart London

Leave UK on Finnair flight via Helsinki.

Day 2 : Arrive Osaka

On arrival at Kansai International Airport, start your Rail Pass and use it to take the train into central Osaka.

Day 3 : Osaka – Takamatsu

After a morning in Osaka, use your Rail Pass to travel to Takamatsu (2hrs 30mins). On the way, enjoy the view of the Inland Sea from the train.
Travel info:

  • Osaka 14:02 – Shinosaka 14:06 (JR Kyoto Line)
  • Shinosaka 14:22 – Okayama 15:13 (Shinkansen Hikari 567)
  • Okayama 15:42 – Takamatsu 16:36 (JR Marine Liner 43)

Day 4 : Takamatsu + Kotohira

Explore Takamatsu, or use your Rail Pass to visit Kotohira.
Travel info:

  • Takamatsu 09:33 – Utazu 09:50 (Ltd.Exp Uzushio 6)
  • Utazu 10:15 – Kotohira 10:38 (JR Dosan Line)
  • Kotohira 16:13 – Takamatsu 17:02 (JR Dosan Line)

Day 5 : Takamatsu – Iya Valley

Use your Rail Pass to travel to the Iya Valley (1hr 30mins).
Travel info:

  • Takamatsu 09:51 – Kojima 10:21 (JR Marine Liner 20)
  • Kojima 10:26 – Oboke 11:40 (Ltd.Exp Nanpu 5)

Day 6 : Iya Valley – Uwajima

Use your Rail Pass to travel to Uwajima (5hrs).
Travel info:

  • Oboke 10:37 – Kubokawa 12:27 (Ltd.Exp Nanpu 3)
  • Kubokawa 13:28 – Uwajima 15:27 (JR Yodo Line)

Day 7 : Uwajima – Matsuyama

Use your Rail Pass to travel to Matsuyama (1hr 30mins), and stay in the Dogo Onsen district.
Travel info:

  • Uwajima 09:54 – Matsuyama 11:13 (Ltd.Exp Uwakai 8)

Day 8 : Matsuyama + Dogo Onsen

Explore Matsuyama and Dogo Onsen.

Day 9 : Matsuyama – Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Use your Rail Pass to travel to Kansai Airport via Osaka (5hrs).
Travel info:

  • Matsuyama 12:20 – Okayama 15:11 (Ltd.Exp Shiokaze 18)
  • Okayama 15:30 – Shinosaka 16:21 (Shinkansen Hikari 566)
  • Shinosaka 16:45 – Kansai Airport 17:32 (Ltd.Exp Haruka 31)

Stay overnight at a hotel close to the airport.

Day 10 : Japan - London

Take the hotel shuttle bus to the departure terminal of Kansai International Airport for Finnair flight to the UK via Helsinki, arriving the same day.

Guideline “from” price: £ 1,744 per person

based on using the 7-day Japan Rail Pass (Ordinary class).
Supplement for travel 23 July – 30 September: £ 175 per person

Value for money check:
Total normal ticket price
for all suggested rail journeys:
Yen 44,090
7-day Japan Rail Pass: Yen 29,110

Total package price is a “from” price, and is subject to availability of flights on the specified airline(s) in the required class of travel. Different airlines may be offered, at different package prices, depending on availability on your selected dates of travel.


  • Return Flights on Finnair economy class
  • 7-day Japan Rail Pass (Ordinary class)
  • Accommodation sharing twin room at: Osaka Toyoko Inn 1nt, Chisun Inn Takamatsu 2nts, Hikyo-no-Yu at Iya Onsen 1nt HB, Grand Hotel Uwajima 1nt, Dogo Kowakuen 2nts HB, Kansai Airport Washington Hotel 1nt. (HB = dinner included)

Not included

  • Travel Insurance
  • Any meals and beverages not shown in 'included in the tour price'
  • Incidental costs such as personal laundry, drinks, snacks
  • Passport and other visa document fees (UK citizens do not need a visa for stays up to 90 days in Japan)
  • Any excess baggage (over 23kg on Economy flights)