Shikoku is the smallest and least populated of the four main islands of Japan. Here the pace of life is slower: using the Japan Rail Pass to explore the smaller towns and hilly landscapes of Shikoku you can get closer to the real Japan.
Shikoku is famous for its 88-temple pilgrimage of temples associated with the priest Kūkai. Most modern-day pilgrims travel by bus, rarely choosing the old-fashioned method of going on foot. They are seen wearing white jackets emblazoned with the characters reading dōgyō ninin meaning “two travelling together”.

Our itinerary suggestion:
Flying in and out of Osaka, visit Takamatsu, the Iya Valley, Uwajima and Matsuyama using a 7-day Japan Rail Pass.

Day 1 : Arrive Osaka

On arrival at Kansai International Airport, start your Japan Rail Pass and use it to take the train into central Osaka.

Day 2 : Osaka – Takamatsu

After a morning in Osaka, use your Rail Pass to travel to Takamatsu (2hrs 30mins). On the way, enjoy the view of the Inland Sea from the train.
Travel info:

  • Osaka 14:02 – Shinosaka 14:06 (JR Kyoto Line)
  • Shinosaka 14:22 – Okayama 15:13 (Shinkansen Hikari 567)
  • Okayama 15:42 – Takamatsu 16:36 (JR Marine Liner 43)

Day 3 : Takamatsu

Explore Takamatsu, or use your Rail Pass to visit Kotohira.
Travel info:

  • Takamatsu 09:33 – Utazu 09:50 (Ltd.Exp Uzushio 6)
  • Utazu 10:15 – Kotohira 10:38 (JR Dosan Line)
  • Kotohira 16:13 – Takamatsu 17:02 (JR Dosan Line)

Day 4 : Takamatsu – Iya Valley

Use your Rail Pass to travel to the Iya Valley (1hr 30mins).
Travel info:

  • Takamatsu 09:51 – Kojima 10:21 (JR Marine Liner 20)
  • Kojima 10:26 – Oboke 11:40 (Ltd.Exp Nanpu 5)

Day 5 : Iya Valley – Uwajima

Use your Rail Pass to travel to Uwajima (5hrs).
Travel info:

  • Oboke 10:37 – Kubokawa 12:27 (Ltd.Exp Nanpu 3)
  • Kubokawa 13:28 – Uwajima 15:27 (JR Yodo Line)

Day 6 : Uwajima – Dogo Onsen

Use your Rail Pass to travel to Matsuyama (1hr 30mins), and stay in the Dogo Onsen district.
Travel info:

  • Uwajima 09:54 – Matsuyama 11:13 (Ltd.Exp Uwakai 8)

Day 7 : Dogo Onsen

Explore Dogo Onsen and Matsuyama

Day 8 : Dogo Onsen – Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Use your Rail Pass to travel to Kansai Airport via Osaka (5hrs).
Travel info:

  • Matsuyama 12:20 – Okayama 15:11 (Ltd.Exp Shiokaze 18)
  • Okayama 15:30 – Shinosaka 16:21 (Shinkansen Hikari 566)
  • Shinosaka 16:45 – Kansai Airport 17:32 (Ltd.Exp Haruka 31)

Stay overnight at a hotel close to the airport.

Day 9 : Japan - London

Take the hotel shuttle bus to the departure terminal of Kansai International Airport.


Depart. from UK Per person sharing twin room Single supplement
2020 – 2021 £1,199 £431

based on using the 7-day Japan Rail Pass (Ordinary class).

Total package price is a “from” price, and is subject to availability.

All prices are per person, sharing twin room in standard (3 star) accommodation. Superior (4-star) and higher accommodation is available upon request.

* During the Summer Games (23rd Jul – 8th Aug & 24th Aug – 5th Sep 2020), the tour will be altered to cater around this period, and Tokyo will most likely be missed (inquiry basis)*


Value for money check:
Total normal ticket price
for all suggested rail journeys:
Yen 44,090
7-day Japan Rail Pass: Yen 29,650



  • 7-day Japan Rail Pass (Ordinary class)
  • Accommodation sharing twin room at: Osaka 1nt, Takamatsu 2nts, Iya Onsen 1nt HB, Uwajima 1nt, Dogo-Onsen 2nts HB, Kansai Airport 1nt. (HB = dinner included)

Not included

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Any meals and beverages not shown in 'included in the tour price'
  • Incidental costs such as personal laundry, drinks, snacks
  • Passport and other visa document fees (UK citizens do not need a visa for stays up to 90 days in Japan)