Experience Japan’s railways with the Japan Rail Pass

The Japan Rail Pass offers a convenient and economical way of enjoying Japan’s efficient and comprehensive railway network. The basic Pass can be used on all Japan Railways (JR) lines and many of the Shinkansen (‘Bullet’) trains. If you plan on travelling around Japan, the Japan Rail Pass can offer substantial savings.
Here’s how…

The Japan Rail Pass allows you to book reserved seats on specific JR trains for free. For example, for Shinkansen (“bullet trains”), an activated Ordinary  JR Pass can be used to reserve an advance seat in Ordinary class carriages.

JR Shinkansen News: From mid-May 2020, when bringing baggage of total dimensions between 160 cm and 250 cm into the Tokaido/Sanyo/Kyushu Shinkansen (Tokyo – Nagoya – Kyoto – Shin-Osaka – Hiroshima – Hakata – Kagoshima-Chuo), passengers will be required to make an advance reservation for a seat with oversized baggage area (free of charge, limited availability). If no prior reservation has been made for those specific seats, the passengers will be required to pay a 1,000JPY fee per piece of luggage and also to move it to a space designated by the conductor .