Experience Japan’s railways with the Japan Rail Pass

The Japan Rail Pass offers a convenient and economical way of enjoying Japan’s efficient and comprehensive railway network. The basic Pass can be used on all Japan Railways (JR) lines and the Shinkansen (‘Bullet’) trains. If you plan on travelling around Japan, the Japan Rail Pass can offer substantial savings.
Here’s how…

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JRPYou can purchase your Japan Rail Pass right here from JTB. We ship to all countries of Europe – or worldwide, on request. Simply choose the passes you want, pay with your credit or debit card using our secure payment gateway, and receive the document(s) by the delivery method of your choice. What you receive from us before you go is an ‘Exchange Order’ that you exchange in Japan when you want to travel using the Japan Rail Pass.

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fbcover5Upon arrival in Japan, go to any Japan Rail Pass Exchange Office (often called “Travel Service Center”) to present your Exchange Order and obtain your actual Pass. There are rail Travel Service Centers all over Japan.
Check out which locations are convenient for you at Japan Rail’s official website japanrailpass.net

Use it to explore Japan

Kyusyushinkansen1-125x75The Japan Rail Pass can be used on trains across the whole of Japan, most local lines of JR bus companies and the JR West Miyajima ferry. See details on the official site japanrailpass.net.

Since 1st April 2017, Japanese nationals are not able to purchase an Exchange Order or use the Japan Rail Pass. Please see the conditions.


Yen prices:

Duration Ordinary Green
Adult Child Adult Child
7-day ¥ 29,110 ¥ 14,550 ¥ 38,880 ¥ 19,440
14-day ¥ 46,390 ¥ 23,190 ¥ 62,950 ¥ 31,470
21-day ¥ 59,350 ¥ 29,670 ¥ 81,870 ¥ 40,930

“Green” is for travel in superior-class Green cars, equivalent to 1st class: seat reservation is required, but is free of charge with the Japan Rail Pass.
For our current £ Sterling prices, please see the “Buy Online” page.


Note – from 1st April 2017:
1. It will be possible to buy the Japan Rail Pass in Japan, at certain major stations. However, buying a Rail Pass in Japan will be significantly more expensive (a 7-day Ordinary pass will cost Yen 33,000 to buy in Japan, compared to Yen 29,110 when bought before you travel). So buy before you travel, to save money.
Full details on the official Japan Rail Pass website
2. The Japan Rail Pass is not available to Japanese nationals.