Why Group Tours?

Our Japan group tours are made for travellers who wish to see the most that Japan has to offer with the comfort of having all arrangements done in advance. Many of our group tours are coach tours that range from a week to two weeks, so you can travel to each destination without difficulty, such as our Central Japan tour. For other tours, rail travel is used to explore destinations that are “off-the-beaten-track”. All our group tours have English-speaking guides or assistants who will accompany you, many of which are enthusiastic specialists of Japan. With them, you can discover what Japan has in store for you stress-free.

Want to meet other likeminded travellers?

With our group tours, you will be able to experience the highlights of Japan with other likeminded travellers who will travel with you for some or all of your trip. Many of these travellers will come from several places around the world, creating an international feel.

Want some free time to explore?

Our Japan group tours have free half or full days where you can explore the area you are in at your own leisure. If you wish to have some guidance for those days, our Japan Specialists based in London will assist you with your arrangements before you travel, consulting with you to provide recommended locations and activities for your party as per your request.

As one of the top Japan specialists in the UK and one of the largest travel providers in Japan, we pride ourselves on quality and our expertise in Japan.

If you would like to book with us, please call our specialists on 020-3167-9027 or email us on info@www.japanspecialist.co.uk.