range of walking tours in Tokyo, enabling you to explore interesting parts of this fascinating city at walking pace, in the company of a local expert.
Take the Tokyo metro to Harajuku, and see the trendy shops in Takeshita Dori, the Laforet store, one of Tokyo’s best “100 Yen” shops, and stop by a creperie.
In the evening, walk to the Kabukicho nightlife area, the Hanzono Shrine tucked away deep in Shinjuku and the “Golden Gai” area of tiny bars.

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Explore with an experienced guide and with a map in your hands the busy street of Takeshita Dori, lined with boutiques and unique gift shops, the fashionable Ura-harajuku and the Omotesando Hills shopping complex. The tour will also stop by one of Harajuku’s famous crepe shops.

Operated: 04 Jan – 29 Feb 2020, 03-27 June. 01-29 Aug, 04Nov – 30Dec: WED & SAT
02-23 March, 02-30 May, 01-29 July, 02 Sept – 31 Oct: MON, WED & SAT
25 March – 30 April: DAILY


10:30: Leave Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku, walking to JR Shinjuku station with the English-speaking guide. Take the metro to Harajuku station.
Walking tour visits:

  • Takeshita Street
  • 100 Yen store DAISO
  • Cat Street
  • Omotesando Hills
  • Kiddy Land Harajuku
  • Laforet Harajuku
  • Enjoy a delicious local Harajuku crepe along the way.

13:00: Tour ends at Harajuku station.


£ 53 per adult
£ 47 per child (6-11yrs)
Yen prices for reference:
Yen 7,100 per adult
Yen 6,100 per child (6-11yrs)

Tour code: GDT1J04301MMS

1. Please wear comfortable walking shoes as this tour will cover a distance of 2 – 2.5km on foot.
2. During the summer, we recommend a hat or visor, and to keep well hydrated.
3. Public trains will be used for access to Harajuku. Seating may not be available.
4. The tour will not be cancelled in the event of rain.
5. Vegetarian crepe options are not available.

Glowing with neon lights every night, Kabukicho is known as the city that never sleeps. Located in the Shinjuku area, Kabukicho is Japan’s largest entertainment district and is home to many restaurants, amusement facilities and movie theaters. The guide will lead you to little known “hole-in-the-wall” spots such as the Golden Gai which houses many small bars.

  • Visit Japan’s largest entertainment district and experience Shinjuku in the evening.
  • Free drink at an izakaya in Golden Gai.
  • To finish off the tour, the guide will take you through Omoide Yokocho, a small neighbourhood reminiscent of Japan’s Showa Era (1926-89).


06 Jan – 26 Feb 2020, 01 July – 31 Aug, MON & WED

02-23 March, 02 May – 29 June, 02 Sept – 30 Dec: MON, WED & SAT

25 Mar – 30 Apr: DAILY

This tour is recommended for those over 20 years of age


17:30: Leave Tokyo Tourist Information Center Shinjuku on foot for the popular Shinjuku Station East Exit Shopping Area.
Walking tour visits:

  • Shinjuku Station East Exit Shopping Area (Isetan, Shinjuku Marui One)
  • Shinjuku Suehirotei Theatre (outside only)
  • Hanazono Shrine
  • “Golden Gai” district & Kabukicho (Ichibangai St., Chuodori St., Don Quijote discount store, amusement arcade etc.)

19:30: Tour ends at Omoide Yokocho Alley.


£ 47 per adult
£ 44 per child (6-11yrs)
Yen prices for reference:
Yen 6,100 per adult
Yen 5,600 per child (6-11yrs)

Tour code: GDT1J006V1MMS

1. This is a walking tour, so please wear comfortable shoes. Walking distance is approximately 2.5 km.
2. During the tour, the group will drop by an izakaya at Golden Gai: one drink is included. Aside from that, food and drink is not included in the tour.
3. As you will be walking in a very crowded area, please make sure you follow the guidance of your tour guide.
4. Itinerary locations and itinerary order may be changed depending on weather conditions and business hours.
5. This tour will be conducted even if it is raining.
6. If the minimum number of participants is not met by 4 days before the scheduled date, the tour on that date may be cancelled
7. This tour is recommended for participants 20 years of age and older.