Visit Kenninji, the older Zen Temple in Kyoto. Enjoy a stroll around the traditional district of Gion, and take part in a Tea Ceremony. Then head to Kyoto’s kitchen, Nishiki Market. This tour offers many ways to experience the culture and tradition of Kyoto.

  • Starts at Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo
  • Kenninji Temple
  • Gion District
  • Tea ceremony
  • Nishiki Market

Operated: TUE & FRI

£ 85.00 per adult
£ 83.00 per child 6-11 yrs
Yen prices for reference:
Yen 11,000 per adult
Yen 10,700 per child 6-11 yrs


  • Coach transport from New Miyako Hotel to Kenninji Temple
  • English-speaking guide service
  • Entrance to Kenninji Temple, and tea ceremony in Kyoto

Not included

  • Meals
  • Drop-off service


New Miyako Hotel
Coach transfer to
Kenninji Temple (60 min)
Kennin-ji (建仁寺) is a historic Zen Buddhist temple, one of the so-called Kyoto Gozan or “five most important Zen temples of Kyoto”. Founded in 1202, it claims to be the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto. In its first years the temple combined Zen, Tendai, and Shingon Buddhist practices, and finally became a purely Zen institution under the eleventh abbot, Lanxi Daolong (蘭渓道隆 Rankei Dōryū)(1213–1278).
The Zen master Dōgen trained at Kennin-ji. Hōjō (方丈, the Abbot’s Quarters),
an Important Cultural Property of Japan
When first built, the temple contained seven principal buildings. It has suffered from fires through the centuries, and was rebuilt in the mid-thirteenth century by Zen master Enni, and again in the sixteenth century with donations of buildings from nearby temples Ankoku-ji and Tōfuku-ji.
Today Kennin-ji’s buildings include the Abbot’s Quarters (Hōjō), given by Ankoku-ji in 1599; the Dharma Hall (Hatto), built in 1765; a tea house built in 1587 to designs by tea master Sen no Rikyū for Toyotomi Hideyoshi; and the Imperial Messenger Gate (Chokushimon), said to date from the Kamakura period, and still showing marks from arrows. It also has 14 subtemples on the Kennin-ji precincts.
Walk around the Gion district
The district developed as a major hanamachi (entertainment district with maiko girls and geiko women) and still keeps refined and elegant atmosphere of old times.
Tea Ceremony Experience (40 min)
After learning about tea ceremony and observing tea-serving manner, participants will have the opportunity to experience tea-serving at a tea ceremony.
Nishiki Market
Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba) is a narrow, five block long shopping street lined by more than one hundred shops and restaurants. Known as “Kyoto’s Kitchen”, this lively retail market specializes in all things food related, like fresh seafood, produce, knives and cookware, and is a great place to find seasonal foods and Kyoto specialties, such as Japanese sweets, pickles, dried seafood and sushi.
17:00 – 17:30 Tour ends at Nishiki Market 

As sightseeing on this tour will be on foot, please wear shoes that are easy to walk in.

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