Kamakura is a coastal town in Kanagawa Prefecture, less than an hour south of Tokyo by train – ideal for a day trip. The most famous attraction is the Daibutsu – the Great Buddha in bronze 13.5m high, dating from 1252.
Depart Tokyo by coach to enjoy tea tasting at Jomyo-ji Temple. Afterwards, visit Hokoku-ji Temple with its beautiful bamboo grove. After lunch, visit the iconic Great Buddha, the second-largest Buddha statue in Japan at Kotoku-in Temple before travelling to Enoshima for its shrines.

  • Kotokuin Temple and the Great Buddha, Kamakura
  • Lunch
  • Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine
  • Hokoku-ji Temple
  • Green tea tasting at Jomyo-ji Temple

04Jan – 17Mar, 02Apr- 31May, 07Jun-07Jul, 01-20Sep, 27-29Sep, 01Nov-22Dec
19-31Mar, 02-04Jun, 11-14Aug, 22-24Sep, 24-28Dec
09Jul-09Aug, 16-30Aug, 01-30Oct.
Exceptions: 10 Mar, 28 & 30 Apr; 3 & 5 May; 30 Jun; 14, 16 Jul; 02 Aug; 20 Oct. 

£ 89.00 per adult
£ 72.00 per child (6-11 yrs)
Yen prices for reference:
Yen 12,500 per adult
Yen 10,000 per child (6-11 yrs)


  • Pick-up service from Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku) or Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal (in Tokyo)
  • Transport by coach
  • English-speaking guide
  • Lunch (Japanese)
  • Entrance fees

Not included

  • Other meals
  • Drop-off service

Pickup service from Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku (at 08:15) or Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal.

09:00 Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal

Depart from the bus terminal and travel to Kamakura by bus.
Kotoku-in Temple and the Great Buddha (30 min)
View the 13.35 m (44 ft) tall, 121 ton symbol of Kamakura. Unlike the Great Buddha of Nara, this Buddha is placed directly outdoors, and the inside of the statue can be accessed for a small additional fee. Until 09 March, Kotokuin Temple is under restoration, and Hase-dera Temple  will be visited instead.
A Japanese-style lunch will be served at a hotel facing the ocean.
Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine & komachi-dori (50 min)
One of the pre-eminent sightseeing spots of Kamakura. The god enshrined here is the protector of the warrior class. The shrine is also known as Kamakura Hachimangu. Komachi-dori is a famous street lined with long-running shops, restaurants and souvenir vendors.
Hokoku-ji Temple (30 min)
Featuring a beautiful bamboo grove, Hokoku-ji is an ancient and renowned temple of the Rinzai sect’s Kencho-ji school. See remarks below.
Matcha Green Tea Experience at Jomyo-ji Temple (30 min)
Jomyo-ji is another old temple of the Rinzai sect’s Kencho-ji school. Enjoy some of Japan’s famous powdered matcha green tea in the highly refined and tranquil atmosphere of a tearoom constructed over 400 years ago, and enjoy the view of the temple’s Japanese rock garden.
Yokohama Bay Bridge
Cross Tokyo Bay on Yokohama’s landmark 860 m (2822 ft) cable-supported bridge.

Ginza 17:00-18:00 or Shinjuku 17:40-18:40

The tour disbands upon arrival.
Remarks: There is no drop-off service to hotels. The guide will explain transportation means to your hotel on the return way to Tokyo, so please reach your hotel on your own after getting off the bus at Ginza or Shinjuku.
[Remarks] The visit to Hokoku-ji temple may be replaced with one of the following if the temple is closed or unreachable due to scheduling, inclement weather, events, road conditions etc.: Hase Temple, Engaku-ji Temple, Kencho-ji Temple, Kamakuragu Treasure Hall, Sankeien Garden, Yokohama Marine Tower, Yamashita Park, or the Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden.
In such cases the tour will not be cancelled and refunds will not be issued.

Free unlimited Wi-Fi on the tour bus.
1. Locations indicated on the itinerary may be changed due to traffic, operation hours, or other reasons. However, the tour will not be canceled or refunded even in such cases. The following are possible substitutes: Hase Temple, Engaku-ji Temple, Kencho-ji Temple, Kamakuragu Treasure Hall, Sankeien Garden, Yokohama Marine Tower, Yamashita Park, or the Yokohama Landmark Tower Sky Garden.
2. Itinerary order is subject to change depending on traffic, weather, and operation hours.
3. If there are more than 15 participants, the guide may hand out earphone guides in order to guide everyone more efficiently.
4. An participant may incur a compensation of JPY 10,000 if he/she loses or damages an earphone device.
5. If the minimum number of participants is not met by 4 days before a scheduled date, the tour on that date may be cancelled.
6. Please note that the lunch venue may be altered depending on the circumstances of the hotel.
7. Tours departing from Jan. 6 to Mar. 9 will not visit Kotokuin Temple and the Great Buddha statue due to construction. During this period the tour will visit Hase Temple instead.
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