About Uji

Uji is one of the most historic cities in the whole of Japan. Located in the Kanto region on the outskirts of Kyoto on the way to Nara, Uji has a calm, historic atmosphere with its old-style shops, and is pleasant to walk around. It has a claim to fame through the Genji Monogatari which is said to be the world’s first novel. Uji is mentioned in this story from over a millennium ago, described as a place renowned for its “beautiful autumn leaves”.
Uji is also home to Japan’s most famous green tea. The superior-quality Tsuen tea has been served since 1160 and is still sold in what is the oldest tea shop in Japan, and possibly the world — the Tsuen tea shop. You can also try Uji’s speciality as green tea ice cream.

  • Byodo-in Temple
  • The river, with a viewing platform midway across for spectacular views
  • Several other temples including Obakusan Manpuku-ji or Mimurotoji

Practical information:

  • Uji is well served by train
    – JR trains: JR Uji is a station on the JR Nara line between Kyoto and Nara, only 17 mins from Kyoto by the Rapid service
    – Keihan private railway: can be used when travelling from Osaka (Temmabashi station)
  • The main points of interest in Uji town are quite close together, making it easy to visit on foot.