Hirosaki Castle, Aomori

About Aomori

Aomori is the capital of the region of the same name in Tohoku. Its name translates as “Green Forest”, although there is little forest in the area now.

Aomori prefecture itself is home to the UNESCO World Heritage site Shirakami Sanchi, Sannai Maruyama – the Jomon Period archeological site, Hirosaki Park and its famous cherry blossom viewing spots, the beautiful Lake Towada and more. Visitors to this area will be able to see nature not usually seen in central and southern Honshu.

Enclosed by the sea on three coastlines and its proximity to Hokkaido – the northernmost island of Japan-, its location is perfect for seafood, of which it is famous for within Japan. However, Aomori is best known for its festival: the Nebuta festival. It is one of the top 100 soundscapes of Japan and is the most famous. Held between 2nd and 7th August, the Nebuta Festival is an ideal way to experience the matsuri (festivals) of Japan.

  • Sannai Maruyama Ruins, an insight into ancient life
  • Oirase River or Hakkoda, a wonderful hike to immerse yourself in nature
  • Hirosaki Castle, a reminder of the Edo period
  • Osore-zan, the Mountain of Dread, in Mutsu
  • Aomori Fresh Market, best in the morning for the freshest produce
  • Sukayu Onsen

Practical information:

  • The Tohoku Shinkansen Line will take you from Tokyo straight to Aomori, taking around 3.5 hours
  • Expect heavy snowfall in the winter and regular fog in the summer in the mountainous areas

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