JTB does not discriminate against persons with disabilities.
If you are inquiring about one of our tour packages and have any limitation on mobility etc. due to physical handicap, do let us know by using the “special requests/comments” section of the tour booking inquiry form.
JTB staff (assistants, guides) are not able to provide physical assistance on tours and excursions, so if such assistance is required we recommend you travel with someone who is able to assist you.
Alternatively, we can work with you to make a tailor-made tour suitable for your level of mobility, interests and budget, and book suitable accommodation and arrangements for you.

IF YOU ARE BUYING EXCURSIONS FROM US (ie. joining a JTB Sunrise tour)

We have a list of the most popular excursions with accessibility notes here.


We are obliged to inform you about the safety rules that the airlines apply to the carriage of disabled people, and any restrictions on the carriage of disabled people or mobility equipment due the size of the aircraft. We will arrange your trip using one of several different airlines depending on your requirements and schedule, and seat availability, so it is not practical to show each airline’s information here. Links for the major airlines we use are provided here:
British Airways
Japan Airlines

If you require special services at the airport or on board the aircraft due to reduced mobility etc., we will assist by pre-booking special assistance wherever possible. For information about facilities and services available, please check the website of the airline concerned.