SIM in Japan from Mobal

//SIM in Japan from Mobal

We have teamed up with partners Mobal to offer a SIM card for your trip to Japan which will save you money on data and calls.
It’s cheap and easy to use.
The benefits:

  • Unlimited data
    use as much data as you like without fear of unexpected bills
  • Free incoming calls & texts: low cost outgoing calls
  • Get a Japanese phone number in advance – give to friends and business contacts
  • Customer support in English
  • Activate for 15 days, 30 days or choose ongoing service

The SIM is multi-size, to fit any phone. Buy it for the basic cost of JPY 3,000 and get it delivered to you before your trip. Then choose 15 days (voice+text+data) for JPY 4,000, or 30 days for JPY 6,000, which is charged when you choose to activate your service.
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