Traditional Pottery: Bizen Ware

//Traditional Pottery: Bizen Ware
  • Bizen is named after the village of Inbe in Okayama Prefecture, previously known as Bizen province.
  • Most of the ceramics produced in the southeastern part of Okiyama Prefecture are known as Bizen ware.
  • Bizen is one of the “Six Ancient Kilns”, which have been producing pottery continuously since the Heian period (6th Century).
  • The clay from Bizen has a high iron content which makes it resistant to glazing, so it has an unglazed, natural finish.
  • The outer layer of the earthenware (gloss, markings etc.) is entirely dependent on the kiln firing.
  • Bizen ware is fired in kilns only once or twice a year, in wood-burning kilns in which the fire is kept burning for 10 – 14 days.
  • To see Bizen ware and Inbe ware, visit the Bizen Pottery Traditional and Contemporary Art Museum in Inbe near Okayama, or the shops and studios in the town.

For more information:

– visit Japan National Tourism Organisation
– visit Japan Pottery

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