Mount Fuji is an iconic symbol of Japan. The perfectly-formed volcanic cone 3,775 metres high has been an object of veneration among the Japanese for centuries. The upper slopes of the mountain are covered with snow for most of the year, but during July-September the top is free of snow and climbing is permitted.

This 2-day excursion from Tokyo allows you to join a group ascending the mountain, with an English-speaking guide and a mountain guide. See dawn from the summit (weather permitting).

The tour departs Tokyo (Shinjuku) by coach in the early morning, and returns there in the evening of the next day.

Day 1 :

Assemble at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku (Guest Relations Desk).

07:10 Leave the Keio Plaza hotel on foot to board the coach at the parking area of the Metropolitan Government Building.

11:30 Arrive at the 5th station of Mt.Fuji (altitude 2,304 m). Free time to eat lunch on your own and get ready to climb.

13:00 Depart on foot to ascend the mountain by the Lake Kawaguchi and Yoshidaguchi Route (approx 4 hours).

17:00 Arrive at the 7th station (2,910 m). Enjoy dinner and a short nap at Toyokan Lodge.

22:00 Depart from the Toyokan Lodge for the summit (please carry your breakfast with you).

Day 2 :

Climb Mt Fuji for approx 5 hours.

03:00 Reach the summit. Eat your breakfast and watch the sunrise. Circle the rim of the crater (Ohachi-meguri) (90 min).

05:00 Depart the summit on foot, taking the Lake Kawaguchi and Yoshida Descending Route (approx 4 hours) to Mt Fuji Lake Kawaguchi 5th station.

11:30 Arrive at the 5th station, where the coach is waiting.

12:30-15:00 Take lunch and enjoy the hot spring bathing facilities at Lake Yamanaka Hot Springs, Beni Fuji no Yu. Continue to Tokyo by coach.

18:00-19:00 Tour disbands at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo (West exit).

Date Adult price Child (6-11)
July 9, 11, 13  Yen 33,900  Yen 32,900
 July 18, 20
August 22,24,27,29,31
Sept 09
 Yen 36,900  Yen 35,900
 July 23, 25
August 15, 17, 20
Sept 02
 Yen 39,000  Yen 38,000
 July 16, 27, 30
August 1,3,6,8,10,13
 Yen 41,000  Yen 40,000

The £ sterling “from” price shown above is indicative, and may change depending on exchange rates at the time of booking.


  • Coach transport from Keio Plaza Hotel Shinjuku to Mt Fuji 5th station on day 1, from 5th station via Lake Yamanaka Hotel Springs to Shinjuku Day 2.
  • English-speaking guide service
  • Meals: 1 dinner (day 1), 1 breakfast (day 2)
  • Rest time at Toyokan Lodge (bunk room, mixed gender)
  • Mt.Fuji climbing fee
  • Entrance to Beni Fuji no Yu for bathing (no meal included)

Not included

  • any baggage transportation (please carry your own)

1. Please be aware that the altitude at the 5th Station is 2300m, approx 3000m at the Toyokan Lodge (7th Station), and approx 3500m at the summit. The average temperature at the summit often dips below 5C, which is almost 15C less that at the 5th station. Pleas prepare and dress accordingly for the cold. Please read what to bring and wear on the Mt Fuji climb here.

2. As the air at the top of Mt. Fuji is thin, there is a chance you may suffer from mountain sickness. Please make sure you get enough sleep the night before the tour and take care of your health before joining this activity.

3. As the purpose is to see the sunrise from Mt.Fuji, on the first day all participants will climb to the lodge above the 7th Station. It may not be possible to see the sunrise from the summit, due to bad weather or heavy traffic. There will be no refunds for this reason.

4. As a general rule, this tour will still run when it is raining on the mountain. However, the tour may be cancelled at any stage if the tour guide or climbing guide decide that the weather conditions are unsuitable or unsafe. In addition, the itinerary, route and scheduled arrival time may change due to weather and/or heavy traffic.

5. An English-speaking guide will accompany the tour for the whole schedule. A climbing guide (Japanese-speaking only) will join the group from the 5th Station and remain with the group on the journey up to the summit and back to the 5th Station.

6. The tour group will be combined with a Japanese tour group. The English-speaking guide will attend to the Sunrise tour group during the tour.

7. For safety reasons, all participants are required to submit their names, addresses and emergency contact information on the first day of the tour.

8. If the customer has to use a lodge other than the Toyokan due to their own circumstances, the cost of the lodge will be the responsibility of the customer.

9. The sleeping area at the Toyokan Lodge is mixed-gender with bunk beds. The space allotted to each person is typically about 1.5 sq.m. There are no bathing facilities at the lodge. Toilets are located outside the lodge and are not flushable (Western-style toilets are not available).

10. If you arrive at the Mt.Fuji 5th Station later than the departure time (approx 11:30, to be reconfirmed on the 2nd day) and miss the bus returning to Tokyo, you will be responsible for your own transportation.

11. Vegetarian menu option are not available for dinner on the 1st night nor breakfast on the 2nd day. Participants with special dietary requirements should prepare and bring their own meals.

12. Children 5 years or younger cannot participate in this tour. Tour participants aged 6-15 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian of 20yrs or older. Those between the ages of 16-19 years may join the tour by themselves, provided they submit a permission slip from their parent or guardian.

13. This tour does not include mountain climbing insurance. This insurance is not available in Japan for non-Japanese nationals. You are recommended to purchase suitable travel insurance before leaving the UK.

14. At the time of booking, please provide details of where you can be contacted the day before the tour.

15. If the minimum number of participants required is not reached 21 days before, the tour may be cancelled.

16. The fee required to climb Mt.Fuji is included in the tour price.